“Bodiless” goes through electronic experimentation, noise, tracing a bridge towards electronic pop.

Bodiless is a collection of songs inspired by the landscape, through field recordings the composer made while traveling around South America that are included in some of the tunes; and by radio drama, a genre that serves as a narrative thread for several of her pieces. In Bodiless, Ale Hop presents us with a disembodied, unhabited world, of abstract pop with an intentional synesthetic character, in which the form is constructed as the sound design of a film.


Ale Hop - Bodiless, Pt. I (Matter and Resistance)
Berlin, 2016
Duration: 10’00’’
FullHD Projection
2ch Sound 

Bodiless, Pt. I (Matter and Resistance), the first single of the album, is a musical and visual exploration of how the matter could behave if it is placed in a space that holds no characteristics in itself and that cannot permanently contain anything but ephemeral,
time based media.

The video shows different scenes and states of matter in space, breaking or fragmenting. It was
created with the 3D software: Zbrush and Houdini. The sound is a composition was made with processed field recordings, samples, synthesizers, guitar and voices.